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The hand of fate   © Hayley Lock 2014


A darkened magic © Hayley Lock 2014

Multi disciplinary collage from a mix of ideas taken from portraiture, landscape, folklore and symbolism to create an alternative secret society of the imaginary.


Incorporating drawing, collage, sculpture, sound and film, Hayley Lock's practice attempts to capture conversational dialogues across parallel time frames, identities and locations. Often re - staging found and imagined conversations and constructed histories Lock appropriates, re -imagines and mirrors back a pseudo fantastical world where visions are commonplace and imagination is rife, revealing a dark world in perpetual crisis. Lock is currently working with and under hypnosis in an attempt to re-engage with her practice as an altered self, looking at where the unconscious meets the conscious creating new systemic structures of belief.


Hayley Lock is a practicing artist and lecturer graduating from Goldsmiths College in 1989 and from The University of Essex in 2012. She had five solo shows spread across the UK in 2011/12 as part of her project (Now that would be) Telling and has exhibited both nationally and internationally in selected group shows and collaborations. 


© hayley lock 


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